Grip can wear out with use (kinda like shoes), and we have a couple options to help you keep your grip fresh and tacky.

A tip and a good idea: Grip is affected by oils from our skin. To prolong the life of your grip, clean it after heavy use and before long periods of storage. This will also make sure it’s grippy, not slippy, when you are ready to flow.

To clean: Use some rubbing alcohol and a cloth, OR a cloth with warm soapy water to remove any oils from the grip. Be sure to wipe away any soap residue with clean water.

If you would like to replace your grip, please review our grip replacement policy below:

  • If grip wears out within 6 months of purchase, grip replacement is free. 
    • we can ship you free replacement grip for you to install at home
    • you can ship your staff to us, and we will re-grip for free. You will need to pay for shipping to us, we offer free shipping back to you.
  • If grip wears out after 6 months or was damaged because of abuse, grip replacement for composite props/1-piece staffs is $20 + shipping&handling. For full vision props, the grip replacement is $35 + shipping 
    • you can order grip and install it at home:
      • For composite props and 1-piece staffs you can find grip here: grip-by-the-foot
      • For 22mm full vision props, you can find wrap on grip kits: wrap on grip kit
      • If you prefer to have matching grip on your 18mm full vision prop, we recommend sending it back to us for re-grip. 
    • you can send your shaft or staff to us, and we can re-grip for you for $20/$35 + shipping&handling
  • Free shipping will be:
    • domestic USPS priority
    • international USPS first class

If you would like to get your grip replaced under warranty, please contact us and we will take care of you!