Capsule 2.0 was released in beta at the end of 2017, and officially released in mid-2018. It is a big leap from capsule 1.0 with many updates. The operating in system in capsule 2.0 is flowOS - you can find flowOS operating instructions here.

Here are some of the key features of capsule 2.0:  

Pages interface & many more adjustable modes3 pages of 10 customizable modes each with autoplay at the end. In 2019, we released an extra page of 34 bonus modes, all adjustable.

Custom LEDs

The brighter you run LEDs, the hotter they get. Managing heat in LEDs is a huge challenge. We’ve combined custom LEDs and a temperature sensor to cram an unbelievable amount of brightness into one little capsule. 

If you don’t want your lights too bright, you can find plenty of chill modes, or adjust global brightness in Page 5.

Battery shelf-life

New and improved - now holds its charge for a year or more - yay!


Ability to control global settings like grouping, brightness, white balance, and there’s room for more potential settings in Page 5.


New extra mode at the end of each page that sequentially cycles through all the modes in that page. You can adjust the timing between modes from 0.25 sec to 30 sec. 

Custom radio module

The ability to connect + sync + control remotely is just the beginning. This will also enable us to create a remote control that will allow you to control more parameters in real time, program patterns, and create custom shows to a timeline or music track. And if all goes well, we can introduce a phone app.

USB firmware update-ability

You can download new firmware as we release updates with more features or special modes.