We released a significant firmware update AND a new firmware updater late Nov 2018 for capsule 2.0s and vision props.

Click to find out: 

If you got your props at different times, it's important that all your firmware versions match to ensure that your connect props are compatible.

To check which firmware version you have OR to update your capsule 2.0 or vision prop firmware:

  1. Download and install the relevant updater - there is one for MacOS and one for Windows in the attachments section on this page (scroll all the way down to download the updater). Note: The Linux updater is currently not working properly, so we've taken it offline and are working to fix it.
    -> For MacOS, download the WHOLE folder! Do not open the folder/the contents piecemeal - it won't work.

  2. Open the updater on your computer:
    - Click on the podpoi image for capsule 2.0/podpoi v2, or
    - Click on the relevant vision prop image for your vision prop (currently it's only vision clubs, but we will soon have firmware for vision poi/chucks, and vision staffs)

  3. You'll get to the "firmware" window:
    - for vision props there are currently several options for different vision club batches and club bodies.
    - the "vision spin" options are for vision poi, chucks and staffs of various pixel counts - as of end January 2019, there has been no update since they were released in Dec 2018, so if you got them during this timeframe, you do NOT need to update your firmware.

    Please select the relevant firmware:
    - for most vision clubs, you will want to scroll to the bottom of the list to the "CURRENT" versions and choose your club body.

  4. You'll get to this window:

  5. Plug in your flowOS light unit (capsule light or vision core) via usb to your computer.

    Pro-tip: It must be unplugged from any USB and off/dark for more than 60 sec. to automatically connect to the updater without a reset. This is the fastest, easiest way to update your firmware if you have a new-ish capsule 2.0.

    • Capsules only:
    • If you have a new-ish capsule and it has been dark for >60 seconds, it should light up blue :)
    • If you have an older capsule 2.0 (with beta bootloader), it should show the battery charge indicator. If not, press the button to turn on, as it must be on/running to connect to the updater. 
    • If your capsule does NOT light up blue, or if it shows the charge indicator, please RESET it while plugged in. Click here for reset instructions
    • If you have an older capsule 2.0, it should go dark when it's connected to the updater - you'll see it show up in the updater (see window below). We are working on the ability to update the bootloader over USB so in the future, older capsule 2.0s will connect more easily (turn blue).

  6. If your light is connected to the updater, you'll see a confirmation on the window:

  7. Click "Upload" - new firmware should start updating ... do NOT disconnect while this is happening

  8. When firmware has been updated (should be a few seconds), you'll get a confirmation screen:

  9. You can now update more connect props, or go explore all the new awesome :)