These instructions apply to capsule 2.0 lights and vision props:

  • Every mode has at least 1 parameter that can be adjusted. In most cases, it’s the color hue or saturation. In others, it’s the speed, density, brightness, kinetic response, timing interval or some other aspect of how it looks or behaves.

  • To put a mode into its "adjust" state, do a "long-press" --> hold the button (~0.75 sec), let go when the indicator blinks.

  • The mode will go through its adjust cycle. When you see what you like, press the button to stop the adjust cycle, and to select that adjustment.

"Adjust randomizer" :: A super cool feature

  • Adjust randomizer allows you to quickly create a "look" amongst multiple props by randomizing their adjust/hue. In some cases, there are multiple parameters that adjust, only 1 is randomized, this enables some coordinated effects :)

  • Here's how: when you're in adjust, “hold to adjust” again. You can think of it like a double adjust, but you can actually randomize as many times as you want by repeating “hold to adjust” without selecting the adjustment.

  • After randomization, they will continue to adjust until you press to select it.

Make sure your firmware is up to date! We’ve made significant changes, improvements and bug fixes for most radio issues for capsule 2.0 & vision props. All your vision and capsule 2.0 props need to have the same firmware version to connect to each other, have the same modes, brightness and run-time, so make sure to update the firmware on all your props!