Autoplay is a really cool feature! It's the 11th mode in Pages 1-3, and the last mode in Page4. 

Autoplay automatically cycles through all modes on a page. You can adjust the timing between mode changes. 

Can't decide on a mode? Want to see all the modes in a page? Autoplay is your answer.

Pages 1-3/mode 11, Page 4/last mode :: Autoplay


Automatically cycles through all patterns on a page in their default adjustment.


The interval/timing between modes. 

5 levels indicated by corresponding number of blinks in adjust: 

Level 1 = 0.25 sec

Level 2 = 1 sec

Level 3 = 5 sec

Level 4 = 15 sec

Level 5 = 30 sec 

Adjust Indicator

Number of blinks = level number 


Level 3 (5 sec intervals)


  • Times are not exact and can vary between patterns displayed, and different units/lights.

  • Can be saved to page 4 (Favorites), with timing adjustment! 

  • Favorites autoplay (p4mLAST) will display saved autoplay modes.

  • Favorites autoplay cannot be saved to favorites → this may disrupt the space-time continuum!