As of September 2022, we are on flowOS 2.9 up. Everything below still applies, plus minor bug fixes and critical flowtoys app compatibility updates.

flowOS 2.6 was released in May 2021 with fairly major updates after 2.4. The biggest difference for most users will be: 

  • updated vision and capsule modes (see video below for some examples)
  • new kinetic responses
  • updated auto-sleep options (p5m5)
  • updated auto-play timing options, 
  • kinetic on/off setting (p5m4)
  • new standby setting (p5m6) based on user feedback to help w/ battery life
  • improvements to grouping, charging behavior, indicators etc. (scroll down for details if you care :)

There are also many invisible changes to enable some exciting features in the upcoming flowtoys app, so make sure to update the firmware on all your props!


  • The auto-sleep setting has changed significantly. If you have saved auto-sleep (p5m5, it's awesome and saves a LOT of battery life), you will probably want to change your setting (see details below). 
  • New modes/adjusts, and auto-play settings may affect your saved favorites (Your saved modes won't change, but their look might have been updated). You may want to adjust or change some of your favorites. 
  • You can revert to the previous firmware (flowOS2.4) to recover your previous settings and modes for the short term, though you’ll probably want to update at some point, and this new paradigm is not likely to change any time soon: 
    • for capsules, flowOS2.4 is in the updater. 
    • for vision, there are too many variants to include in the updater. Please contact us if you wish to revert to the previous firmware.

Details on what's been updated

1. Refined and updated modes:

flowOS 2.6 has major updates to the mode visuals, and kinetic responses for vision props.

When we first developed the Vision line, we started with the clubs and designed the modes to have broad functionality for use in various types of props. As we developed and played with more vision props, like poi, staff, wand, chucks and more, it became clear that more dedicated prop modes could unleash even more of the potential of the vision system, so we started a new project to improve the original modes and optimize them for the different styles of movement of the different props.

We were also inspired by the creation of the Clava Lamp modes with a focus on the static beauty. We’ve always wanted flowtoys to be beautiful whether being spun, juggled or simply sitting there, and now we’re completing that vision. 

There are now 4 different versions of vision firmware that have been developed specifically for 4 different use cases:

  • Lamp
  • Juggling clubs
  • Spin long, and 
  • Spin short. 

The looks of the modes have been refined for each props' unique shape and style of movement, and  the kinetic awareness has been optimized for the different ways each prop is handled.

The adjusts for each mode are now synced between capsule and all vision types, so all different props in a group will have the same look as they go through their adjust. You can also still randomize the adjust, or select different adjustments or modes for each prop.

NOTE: p13 bonus modes are not all synced, as these are still experimental modes and many will be changed or removed in the future. Capsule mostly does not match vision in p13 yet.

2. New "kinetic response" setting (p5m4):

There’s a new kinetic response options in Page5/settings, in case you would like to force all the modes to stay in their static form even when being manipulated.

-> p5m4: green level indicator blinks

  • level 1 (default): auto / responsive
  • level 2: static / off / no response
  • level 3: kinetic / always on full / no response

3. Updated "auto-sleep" setting (p5m5):

  • To prevent your props from going to "sleep" when you might not want them to, "auto-sleep" does not function in settings, quick group, charge indicator, and while on charger.
  • All auto-sleep options now include auto-wake.
  • The auto-sleep timing options have been updated.

-> p5m5: blue indicator blinks the level your props are in

LevelFeatureUse case
1 (default)disabled
2dim =10 sec, sleep = 20 sec (total) + auto-wakequick and easy use,
maximum battery saving
3dim = 3 min, sleep = 15 min (total). + auto-wakedoes not dim for 3 min,
slow flow and balancing
4dim = 5 min, sleep = 60 min (total) + auto-wakevisible when not in use, great for multi-prop, social settings, and performance
5dim = 60 min, sleep = 65 min (total) + auto-wakedoesn't dim for 1 hour, mood-lighting, 
does not drain battery completely

4. New "standby" setting (p5m6):

There's a new “standby” setting that enables you to select how long your prop will continue to respond to group-on and auto-wake after you’ve turned it “off”. 

When a light is grouped and/or has its auto wake enabled, it uses a tiny bit of battery “listening” for signals to wake up. This can drain 5-30% of the battery in a week (depending on the prop type. capsules are the least, vision is the most). 

  • To save battery life while in standby, we have changed the default from 8 days to 8 hours. 
  • After the selected standby period, you must press the button on every light to wake to wake it. 
  • Group-on and kinetic auto-wake will not work after the standby period, until you press the props' buttons.
  • NOTE: when on USB, the light is always in standby, it never sleeps, and will always respond to group-on etc.

-> p5m6: pink indicator blinks the level your prop is in

LevelStandby timeUse case
1 (default)8 hrstill works the same day
228 hrstill works the next day
38 daysstill works the next week

5. Advanced grouping (p5m1): 

  • Stopping on red (ungroup/no group/radio off) requires save, so if you accidentally stop there, you can navigate out as a group 
  • Simplified radio protocol to reduce RF noise in large groups
  • Temporary settings are cleared when leaving an open group
  • Any group member now always takes over group mode when turned on
  • Group-on now works during charge-level display (when hold from off, different from when on charger)

6. New auto-play timing options:

The last mode on every page is auto-play, which cycles through all the modes on that page. 

--> Adjust auto-play to select timing intervals. Adjust will show the indicator level blinks 1-5:

LevelTimingUse case
10.5 seccombine modes in favorites or show pages into a meta-mode
2 (default)5 secshow me the modes!
315 secroaming, time to play
41 minutechill roaming, more time to play
55 minutemost chill, mood light, lamp

7. Charging behavior:

  • Props on USB no longer “sleep” - they remain in standby when “off” for more reliable behavior, including:
    • reliable response to group-on while on charger (used to be very inconsistent)
    • charging indicator remains off if turned off (used to come back on after some time)
    • group commands work even if props had gone to sleep before being plugged in
  • Charging indicator no longer goes dark between indicators. This was saving negligible power and made it annoying to check charging status.
  • Charging indicator turns off and stays off after charge is complete. when charging on a power bank you should still remove after charge is complete in case the standby current keeps the bank awake.
  • Group on/off no longer lands in charging indicator
  • Solo-on or checking charge level no longer causes props from the same group that are on chargers to turn on
  • Auto sleep is now disabled, while plugged in to charger

8. Miscellaneous updates:

  • p5m11 (random autoplay) bold and bolder removed to avoid sudden white modes in an otherwise endlessly colorful display.
  • adjust no longer get out of sync in the controlling prop in a group.
  • page indicators no longer delay mode start, which used to cause rainbow and other slowly changing modes to start out of sync.
  • p5m2 brightness adjust indicator brightness reduced to more reasonable level.
  • p5 indicator brightnesses and glitches fixed.
  • page indicator blinks can now be interrupted from off (eg. they don’t keep going if you try to go to p5m4 without waiting)
  • p5m3 (white balance) now displays the selected balance of white for 2 sec. immediately after selection for reference)