Most people will not notice or care about this feature. It mainly applies if you have lots of props from different batches of LEDs. If you do, here it is in Page 5 mode 3 :)

Adjusting white balance is an advanced feature that requires you to understand the basic button presses of flowOS. You will need to know how to:

  • "Page click" to get to the settings page
  • "Press" to navigate and select settings
  • "Long press" to adjust your setting
  • "Hold to save"

If you are not already familiar with these button presses, please refer to this button press guide.

The brief video below shows how to adjust the white balance on a capsule light - if you have vision props, the navigation is the same :) 

P5 Mode 3 :: Global White Balance


Adjust the general hue of your flowtoys to suit your preference, or match your other flowtoys, because each batch can have slight variance in red/green/blue levels. This is most visible in bold-white, and lantern. 

Most people will not notice or care about this features. If you do, here it is!


Hue/color of all modes and indicators.

Full color wheel at offset/saturation levels 1-5.


Level 1, neutral/no change


  • Level 2 is very subtle, it can be hard to see the color difference.

  • Lantern, and some other colored modes, can have a more dramatic difference in some adjustments. If you care to match a specific mode, you might need to try a few times. 

  • To match to another prop/capsule light, set it to white and adjust to match as closely as you care to. 

  • It helps if both lights are the same brightness.