Yes, you can use pod shells as end caps for your composite staff. We don't offer pod shells as a standard cap option for the following reasons:

  1. Flowcaps are universal as they are compatible with both flowlights and capsule lights, and any new lights we produce. Pod shells are only compatible with capsule lights. 
  2. Flowcaps attach to tubes using a click-in connection that is secure. Pod shells do not click-in and use a friction fit to attach to tubes. The friction fit is not as reliable, and it requires the user to be aware of how the parts are connected to ensure the staff ends do not fly off. 

If you are placing an order for a staff, and would like to have pod shells instead of flowcaps, please leave a customer note during checkout, and we will make it happen for you :)

You can also order the staff with flowcaps and swap them out with your podpoi pod shells - that way you have both caps on hand.

Re. vision props: Yes, you can use pod shells as end caps for your vision props.

New orders: If you place an order for a new vision prop and want it built with pod shells, please leave a customer note during checkout. 

Adding pod shells to existing vision prop: If you already have a vision prop and want to use pod shells as end caps, you can do that. You'll need a vision pod adaptor (VPA), which we offer by special request. 

Place your order for the pod shells here, and leave a note saying you want them with VPAs installed and we'll make it happen. 

If you already have the vision prop AND pod shells, email us and we'll get you set up with some VPAs.

Check out this video to see how a pod shell works as an end cap, as well as other useful pod shell info:


  • Features (0:20
  • Installing on tubes (0:35
  • Removing from tubes (1:35
  • Inserting capsule light (2:00
  • Removing capsule light (2:09
  • Capsules need C-ring to attach to pod shell (2:30)

We hope this helps, and if you have any questions please contact us!