Podpoi can handle any weather conditions a human can, though if rain or sea water get inside, the electronics should be rinsed clean and dried within a few hours of getting wet.

Podpoi have a functional operating temperature range of -40 to 70 degrees Celsius (-40F to 158F), and they have 3 materials that may affect their performance in extreme temperatures:

  • the soft, silicone pod shell is good from -60c to 400c (-76F to 752F), though it will become less soft as it gets near the bottom of that temperature range. (If you are near that temp, we hope you’re wearing plenty of protection! ;)
  • the hard polycarbonate tri-rings and inner capsule shells are good from -40c to 115c (-40F to 239F), though it will become more likely to crack near the bottom of that temperature range.
  • the lithium-ion battery is good from -40c to 70c (-40F to 158F), though they will have reduced run-time below -20c (-4F) and should NEVER be charged below 0c as it can damage the cell, reducing its capacity. 

The rest of the components, including the electronics, leash handle etc. can handle a wider range of temperature. 

Hope that helps - and if you have any other questions please contact us