There is no "master" - we are all in control of our destiny, and our flowtoys :)

Grouping is voluntary: You need to intentionally group your lights in order for them to be connected and synced. Unless you join the "universal" group (white group color) - every light in the universal group is automatically connected, even if you didn't go through the intentional grouping procedure.

Some notes on grouping:

  • You can have some of your lights grouped, and some not, or have a few different groups among your lights. 
  • There are 6 group slots in each light (denoted by a color). 
  • Group colors are just indicators - you can have several different groups with the same color. It is the intentional act of grouping that creates and defines a group, not just its color. 
  • Any light can temporarily join a group, but retain its old grouping data. 
  • The best solution is to have them all in the same group, but have the various "favorites" be different. This way you can control them all at once, but they do different things depending on your favorites (favorites/page4 are solo light specific).
  • Favorites navigate as a group, but the patterns are always local - this enables you to create looks, scenes and shows.