If you have "capsule 2.0" or "vision core" lights, they have tech that allows you to wireless connect to other "flowtoys connect" lights! 

Make sure your firmware is up to date! We’ve made significant changes, improvements and bug fixes for most radio issues for capsule 2.0 & vision props. All your vision and capsule 2.0 props need to have the same firmware version to connect to each other, have the same modes, brightness and run-time, so make sure to update the firmware on all your props!

Released in 2019.11, flowOS 2.0 has significant changes to "grouping":

  • new quick-group feature that enables you to quickly group any flowOS connect props
  • new grouping paradigm with closed/open groups 
  • click here to update your firmware--> props with different firmware versions may not connect!

How to quick-group

  • from off: Hold for ~10 sec. until lights flash white and/or turn solid white. Let go. THAT’S IT!
  • this creates a unique group with any other flowtoys connect light in quick-group mode.
  • there is no limit to how many can join the group :)
  • this is what you should see:
    • battery level indicator → most recent mode (keep holding!) → flashing white/solid white (you can let go at the first sign of white white)
  • if you want to add more lights to the group later, you can create a new quick-group with all the lights, or see “advanced grouping” to broadcast the group ID and connect more lights.
  • quick group indicators:
    • fast flashing white = connecting, trying to connect to existing group.
    • solid or slow flashing white = grouped, inviting others to connect.

> Click here for Advanced Grouping instructions