Sorry your grouping function is not behaving - please check out the troubleshooting below. If the tips don't help, please email us at and we'll take care of you.

If you're experiencing radio issues, it could be due to these potential issues:

  • lights have different versions of firmware
  • lights are not grouped correctly
  • radio crashed
  • faulty radio
  • radio broke off the circuit board

1. Ensure all your lights have the same firmware

2. Ensure lights are grouped correctly

  • Click here for grouping instructions
  • Confirm they are NOT in a temp./open group -> go to P5M1. In current firmware, it should be white.

3. Radio might have crashed

  1. Try a soft reset - this often fixes it. Not typical but you may need to reset it a few times, then group again.
  2. If a soft reset doesn't work, try a power-cycle 
  3. Click here for soft reset/power cycle instructions

4. Faulty radio

  • It’s possible for a radio to be partially defective/work intermittently. Usually a bad radio can receive well, but not transmit well. You may notice a delay in other lights responding to it. Mark the suspected light - if you can confirm it is the faulty one, we’ll replace it.

5. Radio broke off the board

  • Open the capsule shell (see soft reset/power cycle video below) 

  • Check if the radio is breaking off the board or missing

    • If radio is breaking off the board or missing, please email us at for replacement instructions.