Sorry your grouping function is not behaving - please check out the troubleshooting below. If the tips don't help, please email us at and we'll take care of you.

If you're experiencing radio issues, it could be due to these potential issues:

  • radio fell off or coming off the circuit board
  • lights have different versions of firmware
  • lights are not grouped correctly
  • radio crashed

1. Radio fell off the board

  • Open the capsule shell (see soft reset/power cycle video below) 

  • Check if the radio is falling off the board or missing

    • If radio is falling off the board or missing, please email us at for replacement instructions.

2. Ensure all your capsule 2.0s have the same firmware

Click here for instructions on firmware updates

3. Ensure lights are grouped correctly

Both units should display the same color in grouping mode (P5m1) - but even if they show the same color, they may not be in the same group.

  • To group, you must enter adjust and select the color while both units are in P5m1 even if they are already the same color. It helps to enter adjust and select the group color one at a time.
  • Did you save the grouping? To save, hold down until the light powers down, turns on, powers down again and turns on again.
  • Did a light connect to another group somewhere in your building?
  1. Try saving “no group” (blinking red group) and leaving your prop off for more than 1 minute. And then regrouping.
  2. Try grouping a few times - it doesn’t always work the first time.

If you are grouping correctly, and one or more of your capsule lights don't seem to be grouping, use 2 or more capsules for testing:

  1. Mark the capsules so you can tell them apart
  2. Power cycle 1 at a time and re-group/re-try after each one. If this works, mark the one that fixed it. If it fails again later, it should be replaced.
  3. If one capsule receives, but does not transmit/control, or visa-versa, it should be replaced.

  4. If you only have 2 capsules and can't tell which is faulty, both need to be sent in for testing. (or borrow a friend's to complete testing)

  5. If you have more than 2 capsules, and only 1 is not connecting after above steps, it should be replaced. Please email us at for warranty instructions.

4. Radio might have crashed

  1. Try a soft reset (see video below) - this often fixes it. Not typical but you may need to reset it a few times, then group again.
  2. Try a power-cycle (see video below) 


  • Open up your capsule 2.0 and perform a soft reset (this is different from capsule 1.0!)
  • Use a key or pliers to quickly bridge the reset pads show in the picture.  

Here's a video showing how to perform a soft reset and it that doesn't work, try a power cycle:

If the hard/soft reset doesn't work at first the solution in most cases is to do it harder - literally, be very firm when bridging the metal connectors:

  • For soft resets: You may have to adjust the angle of the metal object to make a good connection. Make sure to use bare, non-painted metal. You can hold the metal object down for awhile - you won’t damage the board.
  • For hard resetsDon't bridge the capacitor for more than a second, as it may damage the board. Do make the connection a firm one. See attached photo of the capsule circuit board that highlights where to perform the hard reset. 
If possible, the light should be on when you perform the soft/hard reset. A successful reset should make the light turn off, this is your indicator. You may also see, hear and/or smell a spark, this is normal. The light may turn back on again after a moment, this is normal.

Note: In most cases a soft reset is all that’s needed. We recommend using the hard reset as a last resort, since many hard resets can shorten your battery life.