It's great to hear you're interested in getting a set of doubles, and we can definitely help out! Both the iso batons and the lumina twirl batons have shafts made out of carbon fiber, and end tubes that hold 1 capsule light each.

The main differences between the iso batons and the lumina twirl batons are:
  • The lumina twirl baton has a diffusion kit on the end tubes - the iso baton does not. The diffusion/anti-vibration kit is to prevent the lights from rattling inside the tubes, and to diffuse the light from the capsule throughout the entire tube, and not just at the end point. They are added to lumina twirl batons since they are typically spun and thrown at high speeds. 
  • The iso baton has a center mark in the middle - the lumina twirl does not.
  • Iso-batons have longer standard lengths than lumina twirl batons, but we can make custom length ones for $10 custom fee
  • Lumina twirl batons have a thicker-walled composite shafts to withstand drops from high throws and fast spins. 

If you're looking to do tech work, we recommend the iso baton, because it has the center mark. You can always add the diffusion kit separately if you'd like.
If you're not worried about having a center mark, and plan to toss your baton, the lumina twirl baton would be the way to go.

For the length, the shortest total length for the iso batons is 31.5" (59cm shaft). If you're looking for something a little shorter (or longer), we can make a custom length for an additional $10 custom fee.

Also, not sure if you know, but we have a training grid tapestry, to help with making sweet designs with your batons. You can check it out here: It also supports a great cause :)

We hope this helps, and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at Thanks!