If your capsule 2.0 button is hard to press through a pod shell or flowcap, it could be due to the button hardware being improperly assembled or broken, or due to dirt or corrosion under the button. 

Check your button hardware:

→ If these are missing incorrectly assembled, or broken, this might be making the button hard or impossible to press. 

→ Please take a picture of the broken part, or let us know what's missing. email warranty@flowtoys.com with your address and we’ll send you a replacement.

If your button hardware is OK:

  • Open the capsule shell

  • Check the button for dirt:

    • If dirty, you can rub it clean with your finger or a cloth

    • If slightly corroded/water damaged, you may need something more abrasive, like your fingernail, or a scrubby sponge. Adding a tiny bit of petroleum jelly/vaseline, or other grease or oil will help with cleaning and prevent further corrosion.

    • If very corroded, you can send back for half price replacement 

If none of the above work, please email us at support@flowtoys.com for replacement instructions.