If your light turns on ONLY on USB, or if it sometimes turns off on impact, there might be a loose contact between the battery wire and the circuit board.

  • If you have a capsule light: Open the capsule shell - Click here for video instructions if needed.
  • If you have a vision prop, first check if it is an early "revC” board. RevC boards have a reset "button" instead of "pads".

If it is NOT a club, carefully pull out the light core by the clear pull-cord inside.

If it is a vision club, removing the light core is possible, but difficult to do without damaging it. If you are up for the task, email support for further instructions.

  • If your light will turn on, turn it on and check the solder joints on the battery wire by pulling/wiggling them. They should not come apart and if the light is on, it should stay on.

    All photos below show capsule 2.0 board, but also applies to vision revC:

  • If there is any separation, they can be repaired with solder, or the battery can be replaced.
  • If your light has a connector on the battery wire, and you're up for more DIY, see instructions below.

Check to see if the gold contact appears to be coming out from the grey connector. 

If yes, push the wire in and press the button to see if the LEDs light up when it's not connected to USB. 

If yes, then the gold contact is the issue. If you would like to fix it yourself, please go through the step-by-step instructions below. If you'd prefer to send it back to us for replacement, please email us at support@flowtoys.com and we'll take care of you.

2. Pick the glue off the grey connector 

3. Remove the grey connector + pull out the battery wire where the gold contact was showing    


4. Re-insert the battery wire - IMPORTANT - ensure the gold contact is aligned correctly 

 5. Make sure the wire is FULLY inserted into the grey connector - there should be no gold contact visible 


 6. Push the grey connector back onto the circuit board  


7. This is what it should look like. Now add some flexible glue - E6000, GOOP or silicone work great - and go forth and spread your light :)