We are currently developing a variety of LED strip and high-power LED drivers and hope to offer them early 2021 - so stay tuned! To stay in the loop about new product releases, developments and updates, we encourage you to sign up for flownews here: https://flowtoys.com/news

If you're looking for something sooner rather than later, our current light offerings including capsule 2.0s and vision lights and can be fairly easily hacked for other purposes. One example is the vision poi XL, which could be attached to arms and legs to make an LED “stickman”.

Both the capsule 2.0 and vision props feature our flowOS interface, "connect” wireless control and syncing, and our upcoming mobile end desktop apps.

Another option is the PixelWhip, which can also make a great wearable light as the fibers are easy to attach to things. PixelWhips ( come with 40 modes to choose from, however these can not be programmed or wirelessly controlled.

If you're looking for a cheap DIY solution there are many LED drivers and strip available online, but this generally requires soldering skills and LED strip is easy to damage.

For a more complete/professional solution try our friends at: https://www.ellumiglow.com/
Here is another good place to start as well: https://www.wearabletutorials.com/
Lastly, adafruit and sparkfun have been in this game from the start and are excellent resources for information and supplies:

Hope that helps, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at support@flowtoys.com