• Flowlights and capsule can easily be swapped between props. 
  • Vision cores can be transferred with significant effort. Definitely worth it when upgrading from flowlights/capsules to vision, permanently modifying, or servicing your prop, but switching vision spokes is NOT practical for casual use.

In order to maximize the flexibility of the spokes and space for lights, we use our shortest tube adapter spacing, so the vision tubes are only compatible with our leash adapters, not our staff adapters.

Additionally for a solid feel and to prevent dirt from getting under the tube during drops, the fit is extremely tight. Even after removing the screws, the tubes are extremely hard to remove and replace. We use a special jig and a mallet to assemble them. A little lubricant goes a long way too.

It is easier to remove the vision light cores from the tubes and transfer them into other vision tubes of the same length than to remove the spokes from the trikon hubs, but doing so is tricky and can easily damage the diffusive liner and/or the electronics and is only recommend as a one-time procedure. Doing so frequently is not intended use and you would be responsible for a 50% replacement fee for any damage.