This combination does not work well for everyone, for 2 main reasons:


The shaft diameter of a dragon staff makes a huge difference on how fast it rolls, or travels along your body. Most people prefer 22mm, while some like 19mm. 15mm makes for a very slow roll that some people love, but is too slow for most.

DIY solution: Add more grip! Wrap more layers of grip to increase your shaft diameter.


The tubes on the ends of most flowtoys 15mm composite staffs are held on with rubber 3D-printed buttons and can be removed by twisting. The trikon hubs will twist the tube when dropped, and the tube can then fall off. Also the repeated twisting will wear out the buttons.

DIY solution: You can secure them with tape as a temporary solution, drill screws into the buttons to make them secure, or order screw-connectors from flowtoys and drill them in yourself.

Other options:

  • If you already have trikon hubs, you can get appropriate shafts for them. If you prefer this option, please contact us at for pricing and availability. 
  • If you haven’t bought them yet, consider getting a complete trikon dragon.