We're sorry you're having any trouble with your capsule lights! Your flowtoys come with a lifetime warranty, and we will definitely help you out. 

Capsules will blink red and fade to off when the battery charge is too low for normal function. If your batteries are not performing as they should, there are a few things that could be happening. Please check the tips below and see what you find. If you find you're still having trouble, contact us  :) 

Battery lifespan

Batteries do not last forever, and all batteries have a lifespan. We expect batteries in capsule lights to have a minimum 1-year half-life, and they usually last much longer depending on usage and storage conditions. 

If you're concerned about your battery life/run-time:

  • after fully charging your capsule put it into mode 3 “bold” (bright white) set a timer for 2 hours. it should still be on after 2 hours, possibly even 3 or more. 
  • if the capacity has dropped below 2 hours within 24 months of manufacturing, we will replace it for free as long as there is no physical damage. 
    • after 24 months old, we offer half-price replacement capsules ($17.50 per capsule light). 
    • for more info about capsule warranty, click here

How to see when your capsule was made

All capsules from 2015 forward have a date printed on the bottom of the battery (the end away from the board). 

If you don't see a date, though see a symbol, then your capsules were manufactured before 2015. 

↪ Troubleshooting 

  • If your capsule is charging okay, then blinks red or turns off when off the charger, contact us :)
Capsules should:
  •  light up and "breathe" when plugged in, displaying the green, yellow. orange or red charge level indicator 
  • display a blue light if it is fully discharged. You can unplug it and turn it off and on again to reactivate the charging indicator. It is possible your battery is deeply discharged when you first receive it. If in doubt - charge all night = 8+ hours

If you’ve checked all these tips and you’re still having trouble, please contact us so we can get you taken care of under our lifetime warranty.