If your capsule lights are not working properly, we can help! All parts and products made by flowtoys are covered by our lifetime warranty, and we'll get you back into your flow again.

Before sending anything back, please try the troubleshooting tips here: capsule light troubleshooting - general. If the tips don't help, please contact us for instructions on sending in your lights for warranty service. 


  • If the capsule is not working, is < 2 years and not damaged from unintended use, we will replace it for free.
  • If the capsule is not working due to unintended use (e.g. fire/water exposure, dog chewed, car ran over, etc.), we will replace it for half price ($24/capsule v2).
  • No matter what the issue is, you will receive half price credit under our upgrade program
  • You'll have to send your light in and cover return shipping.

Capsule v1 discontinued: We can no longer replace capsule v1s, but all v1 will always qualify for trade-in credit towards capsule v2 and other flowtoys.

We do not believe in planned obsolescence and do our best to reduce e-waste and support our customers with legacy products for as long as possible. However we have reached the end of the line for capsule v1s, which we released in 2012 and stopped producing in 2017.

Capsule v1 requires a different battery from v2. The batteries have a 2-year shelf-life and we are no longer able to meet the minimum qty for manufacturing new v1 batteries.

Capsule batteries are custom made to solve durability issues with stock batteries. There are "off-the-shelf” batteries that could fit and work if you can solder them in yourself. You can even pull them from some disposable vape pens. We are not able to recommend or sell non-flowtoys batteries as we can't guarantee their quality, but if you are handy, you are welcome to DIY. Please note that DIY battery replacements and repair attempts do NOT void your warranty with flowtoys parts, but we will not be able to warranty batteries that were not made by flowtoys.


Your lights have a lifetime warranty, but the battery and electronic components like the button and USB port are expendable parts that wear out and break down over time and are only covered for 2 years. 

All Li-ion batteries, like the ones in our phones and laptops, have about 2 years or 300-500 charges on average before they significantly lose their ability to hold a charge. They are affected by age, even if they are not used. This is the industry standard expectation, though some individual batteries last much longer, I have some that are 10 years old and still hold 80% charge, these are rare. 2 years is the most we can expect from the average cell from any batch under typical conditions


If a capsule battery fails/loses significant capacity (less than 2 hours in "bold" at default brightness):

  • within 2-years of manufacturing, we will replace it for free as long as the light unit is undamaged
  • after 2-years old, we offer replacements for $24/capsule v2
  • If we can verify you ordered your lights less than 2 years ago, we will base the 2 year timeframe on your order date. If not, we will go off the manufacture date on the battery.  
  • If you would like to try replacing the battery yourself, it will NOT void your warranty, and it will save you the cost of shipping your light to and from flowtoys for service. If your battery does not have a connector, you will need to know how to solder.

If you have an issue not related to the battery or electronic components, and your capsule is >2yrs old, the lifetime warranty applies, the lifetime warranty applies and we will repair or replace it for free.