NOTE: As of 2020, we switched to new connectors that screw into the carbon fiber shaft, and also have tabs on them that connect with the holes in each end tube. This way you get all the benefits of a secure, screw-in connection, while still allowing you to easily remove/install the end tubes without needing any tools! 

Note: Length of carbon fiber shaft = shortest length you can break down your staff.

Re. using pod shells as end caps: The standard end cap for flowtoys stick-based props is the flowcap. However you can also use pod shells as caps. Find out more here:

If you want a staff with pod shells instead of flowcaps, please leave a note with your order letting us know. 

Overview on interacting with various parts of composite system:

  • Composite system components (0:11)
  • Installing the compression connector (0:34) [outdated as of mid-2017 all connectors have screws]
  • Removing tubes to breakdown staff or swap out ends (1:33)
  • Flowcaps (2:22)
  • Flowlights + flowlight adaptor (2:27)
  • Pod shell (3:00)
  • Linking 2 capsules (4:00)