NOTE: As of mid-2017, we switched over to screw-in compression connectors for a more consistent, secure fit. You can still break your staff down for travel - remove screws with a #1 Phillips head screwdriver, stash your screws in a safe place, remove the tubes and voila! Please note that the shortest you can break your staff down is to the length of your carbon fiber shaft.

Overview on interacting with various parts of composite system:

  • Composite system components (0:11)
  • Installing the compression connector (0:34) [outdated as of mid-2017 all connectors have screws]
  • Removing tubes to breakdown staff or swap out ends (1:33)
  • Flowcaps (2:22)
  • Flowlights + flowlight adaptor (2:27)
  • Pod shell (3:00)
  • Linking 2 capsules (4:00)