Yes, you can  break down your composite staff for travel! 

Composite staffs after 2020: 

We switched to connectors that both screw into the carbon fiber shaft AND have tabs that allow you to easily install/remove the end tubes. These connectors have the security and stability of a screw-in connector, while still enabling you to remove the tubes without needing tools - they're the best of both worlds!

To remove the end tubes from the connectors, hold the carbon fiber shaft in one hand and the end tube in the other, twist in opposite directions so the tabs on the connector disconnect from the holes in the end tube, and pull.

Note: The shortest length your staff can break down to is the length of the carbon fiber shaft.

Composite staffs between 2017-2020:

During this time, we used screw-in connectors for a more consistent, secure fit. Here's how to break down your staff for travel:

  • remove screws with a #1 Phillips head screwdriver
  • stash your screws in a safe place
  • remove the tubes and voila! 
  • Note: shortest length you can break your staff down is the length of your carbon fiber shaft.

Be mindful to keep track of the screws - we have heard of several instances where they get lost immediately after detaching the end tubes!

Composite staffs before mid-2017:

Older compression connectors were designed to split into 2 halves. They have a tight fit with the polycarbonate tubing for a nice rigid connection. In addition, dirt and dust can create friction inside the tube, making it difficult to twist.

Be sure you are twisting the tube in the right direction. The holes in the tube should move towards the seam between the two halves of the connector. You may have to twist very hard to release the buttons, and continue twisting while pulling to remove the tube. If you can't do this yourself, ask a friend to help: one of you grab the tube with both hands, the other grab the composite shaft, and twist!

Once the tube is out, be sure both the tube and connector are clean. Rub a tiny bit of petroleum jelly, lip-balm, or similar grease inside the tube before putting it back on.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!