Both capsule and vision lights have a one-button interface. When you first get your light, simple press the button to turn on. To turn off, you can hold the button down until the light fades off and let go. 

If you have multiple light units, you can group them to be able to wireless control them.

When your lights are grouped, they will do almost everything as a group. Sometimes you'll want this, but sometimes you'll only want to control a single/solo light. If you have multiple grouped lights:

  • To turn ON every light in a group: simply press the button.

  • To turn ON a solo light: Long hold, past battery charge level indicator, to on, let go.

  • To turn OFF the whole group: hold to off, when light fades out, let go.

  • To turn OFF a solo light: hold to the second fade-off indicator, let go.

There are 3 ways to turn off your lights:

  • End of page: press the button repeatedly until you reach the end of the page and the light turns off. If your lights are grouped, only that individual/solo light will turn off, not the entire group.
  • Hold to off: hold the button down until light fades off and let go, this will also turn off the rest of the group.
  • Solo off: hold past off until you see a second fade-off and let go, this will only turn off the light whose button you are pressing.

Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions:

Make sure your firmware is up to date! We’ve made significant changes, improvements and bug fixes for most radio issues for capsule 2.0 & vision props. All your vision and capsule 2.0 props need to have the same firmware version to connect to each other, have the same modes, brightness and run-time, so make sure to update the firmware on all your props!