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If you got your props at different times they might have different firmware - for the wireless connection to work, and to have matching modes and features, make sure to update all your props.

To update your capsule 2 firmware:

  1. Download and install the relevant updater:
    - Click here for the Windows updater.
    - MacOS updater is in the attachments section on this page (scroll all the way down).

  2. Open the updater on your computer:
    - Click the podpoi/capsule 2 image

  3. You'll get to the "connect props" window - Plug in your capsule 2 via usb to your computer.
    • capsules must be unplugged and off/dark for more than 60 seconds to connect to the updater without a manual reset.
    • when connected you should see it in the updater and it should light up blue.
    • some capsules may not turn blue when connected, but should show up in the updater.
    • if your capsule does NOT connect to the updater, try a SOFT RESET while plugged in and turned on. Click here for reset instructions.

  4. If your capsule light is connected to the updater, you'll see a confirmation on the window:

  5. Select the latest firmware - flowOS2.6-capsule

  6. Click "next step" - new firmware should start updating ... do NOT disconnect while this is happening

  7. When firmware has been updated (should be a few seconds), you'll get a confirmation screen:

  8. You can now update more connect props, or go explore all the new awesome :)

- We couldn't fit the Windows updater on this page --> for the Windows updater click here.