If you got your capsule 2.0 or vision core lights before end of 2019 or at different times, you'll want to update your firmware -> props with different firmware versions may not connect!

Advanced grouping requires an understanding of the basic button presses of flowOS. You will need to know how to:

  • "Page click" to get to the settings page
  • "Long press" to adjust
  • "Press" to select
  • "Hold to save"

If you are not already familiar with these button presses, please refer to the button press guide.

Notes on grouping:

  • Only closed/ white group can be saved.
  • Open/ colored groups cannot be saved.
  • After grouping or turning on the lights, you may need to press the button twice, or once on each light, to get them to respond to the group.
  • When updating firmware from 1.X to 2.X, grouping will NOT be retained.
  • Grouping IS retained when updating firmware within a major version (2.0 to 2.3 for example).
  • Grouping may not work between different firmware versions. Make sure all your lights have the same firmware version.

  • In pre-2.6 firmware, turning off your radio (red group) will save up to 14% of your battery life over 1 week. With 2.6 and up, the standby period is a setting and the default is only 8 hours and only 2% of your battery charge. When lights are grouped they “listen” for group-on when they are in standby, after this, they turn fully “off” and the battery loses 10-50% over 1-year due to tiny sleep current and li-ion self-discharge.
  • Because the radio is turned off after the standby period, you may need to turn them on individually after over 8 hours of being off.

Open groups :: creating temporary groups 

Open groups are for creating temporary connection between props and groups of props. 

You and your friends want to be in sync? Jump in an open group together! Your personal closed group will be retained, your favorites and settings cannot be edited by others in the group, and you can jump out of the group at any time! Great for club passing, flash mobs, spontaneous performances and other shenanigans :)

Some useful notes on open groups:

    • To prevent accidental editing or control of your props by others, open groups are always temporary, they cannot be saved.

    • Favorites cannot be saved.

    • Settings can be changed as a group, but not saved.

    • Grouping cannot be changed as a group or saved, but grouping does change locally, so you can leave the group.

    • To quickly disband an open group and revert everyone back to their previous closed groups, go to P5M1 and “delete” the open group. Hold button down for about 15 secs until the light flashes red 5 times, then let go.  

    • To prevent accidental group-off or ungroup, “off” and group-adjust only work locally on the light unit you are controlling.

Closed groups :: how to add and remove members 

Adding/removing members to/from "closed groups"

To add more lights to a closed/white group, you can:

  1. create a new quick-group with all the lights, OR 
  2. add individual lights to the existing group - here's how:
  • Set one light from the existing group to “broadcast” mode: 
    • navigate to p5m1
    • adjust to white
    • “double adjust” (hold-to-adjust twice while white, before it changes to the next color) 
    • light should now be flashing white --> this is "broadcast" mode
  • You can use quick-group to join the broadcasting group, OR adjust to white and select (if already white, enter adjust, and select, no need to cycle through all colors). Below are some useful notes on this procedure:
    • You can join a group as a group - you have 3 clubs that are already grouped, you don't have to join individually - you can join as a group. You just need all 3 to be physically there.
    • Once you are done connecting other lights to the broadcasting group, press the button on the broadcasting light to leave broadcast/inviting mode.
    • If your light is already in a white group, and you want to create a new group with that light, go to quick-group.

Notes on grouping

  • If there is another group “inviting” within radio range, you will see a red/white flashing “grouping conflict” indicator. Simply try again. You may need to wait a bit for whoever may be creating the grouping conflict to finish their process.

  • In order to change/disconnect some lights from an existing group, you can quick-group them, OR adjust your group to red (no group) OR solo-on only the lights you want to change.