Flowtoys was founded on a modular system of lights and parts that enabled you to quickly and easily turn almost any prop into any other prop: poi into staffs, chucks, darts and vice versa. That modularity was made possible by more loose-fitting connections than what is possible with a dedicated rig. 

The flow arts have evolved over the years with props becoming much more refined, and many practitioners preferring designs focused on the performance and handling of a particular prop. Modularity is convenient and cost-saving, but there are often compromises in performance.

We still strive to make flowtoys parts as interchangeable and easy-to-service as possible, and most props can still be converted into most others at minimal cost, but not is such a quick and easy way that you would want to do it on the fly.

Here's what's modular across flowtoys:

  • flowcaps can be used on all flowtoys tubes, but need an adaptor for flowlights or vision cores.
  • flowmass and flowers fit on all tubes, and flowmass can also be used in podpoi
  • flowlights can be used in any prop/housing that fits them (crystal cases and tubes), but feel most solid in housing/tubes specifically intended for them.
  • capsule lights can be used in any prop/housing that fits them (pod shells and tubes), but feel most solid in housing/tubes specifically intended for them.
  • podpoi can be used on the ends of tubes, but you'll need to remove the leash (you can also put the leash in the tube, but it's a but janky)
  • many different lengths of flowtoys tube can be swapped out as long as they fit the lights you want to put in them.
  • collapsible staff handles and tubes can be easily swapped
  • some poi handles can be easily swapped

Vision specific:

  • leash-based props like vision poi, vision chucks and vision darts can convert into each other using the paracord loops. 
  • some stick-based props like vision batons, staffs, flower sticks etc. can be modular with each other, though there are 2 tube connector lengths (longer props have longer connectors for stability/rigidity)
  • vision and day saber parts are mostly modular, there are 2 connector lengths
  • full-vision saber pommel-handle assembly is compatible with all saber blades 

Here's why vision leash-props are not currently modular with vision tube-props:

  • for a staff to be rigid, you need the tube connector to be long. This would result in a longer poi tube, but it's not ideal for poi handling to have that extra length just to account for the connector.
  • additionally there is nothing to grip to enable twisting the poi cord connector off ... we would have to redesign the cord connector to have extra length on the leash side to grip onto, again the extra length would hinder how the poi handles.
  • the only other way to make them “modular” would be to switch out the vision core/circuit board, but taking the vision core in/out can ruin the diffusion paper. Handling the vision core might also increase chances of damaging the vision core. 

Modular vision kits:

  • vision poi-dart-chucks kit with spin16 ends.
  • vision poi-dart-meteor kit with spin9 ends - coming soon
  • vision saber kits - coming soon