The "flowtoys connect" app allows you to connect an almost infinite number of props ... but you have to put them into "groups".

The app/bridge talks to groups, not individual props. Even if you are just controlling 1 prop, you’ll need to put it into a group. You can do this by holding down the button from off for ~10 seconds until it turns or flashes white. 

The simplest method to connect multiple props to the app is by creating a new group with all the props through quick grouping , and then connecting that group to the app. You can also add props to an existing group or combine groups as needed.

You can have a limitless number of props in a group.

How many groups can I connect to the bridge? 

The number of props in any group is limitless. The bridge can communicate with an almost limitless number of groups of props, but each one adds a tiny bit of latency/delay, as it has to take turns. If you are making a show with super fast cues, you might see a tiny delay above 5 groups. For normal use, even 100 groups should be fine.

How do I choose/manage which group I’m controlling?

You can select which groups you are currently controlling in the “supergroup” selection window. The app must be connected to a bridge and at least 1 group for this option to be available:

  • Tap the pod-shaped icon in the top right corner of the app to open your supergroups. Here you can select which groups are in each of your 5 supergroups, and quickly switch between which supergroup you are controlling.

In the show builder, you can have up to 5 layers, one for each supergroup, you can then manage which props/groups are controlled by your show in the supergroups window.