Flowtoys are super durable and can handle bumps, hits and reasonable temperature fluctuations, but they are NOT designed to be waterproof. They can generally stand up to rain without issue, but they are electronics.

You can try to revive your lights by rinsing them out in fresh or distilled water, and letting them dry for 2-3 days. If they still don’t work, you can send them back for a half-price replacement. You can check out the details of our warranty here: Lifetime warranty

Capsule lights

If your capsule-based props happened to go swimming, we've had multiple customers open them up, dry them out and reset the chip to get them going again. Here’s a video to help:

Please note, capsule lights can be permanently damaged by water, especially if the battery gets wet. If your podpoi or other capsule-based props get wet and can't be reset, they can be replaced for half price under our warranty. We can replace just the light capsule inside the poi, as opposed to the whole set, which is cheaper, easier to ship and all around more sustainable.

If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to contact us!