You can adjust the brightness of your lights in Page 5 mode 2. Shine when you need to, chill out when it's appropriate or to save battery life.

Adjusting global brightness is an advanced feature that requires you to understand the basic button presses of flowOS. You will need to know how to:

  • "Page click" to get to the settings page
  • "Press" to navigate and select settings
  • "Long press" to adjust your setting
  • "Hold to save"

If you are not already familiar with these button presses, please refer to this button press guide.

The brief video below shows how to adjust brightness on a capsule light - if you have vision props, the navigation is the same :) 

Quickstart guide:

  • Click 5x to Page 5 (settings page)
  • Press the button 1x to get to mode 2 (global brightness adjust)
    • If you have pre-2018.11 firmware -> Your light will blink 3x, indicating the default brightness level 3
    • If you have 2018.11 firmware -> You light will start adjusting from level brightness 1. (This improvement makes selecting a dimmer setting easier, avoids eye-shock, and prevents low battery shut-down sometimes caused by the brighter settings. Click here to update your firmware)
  • To adjust brightness, hold until it blinks, let go ...
  • Your light will progress through different brightness levels 1 -5, each level indicated by brightness and number of blinks
  • Level 1 is dimmest, Level 5 is brightest
  • Press to select
  • Hold to save: you'll need to hold for awhile - light should turn off, turn back on, turn back off and then on again ... this is so you don't save accidentally :)

P5 Mode 2 :: Global Brightness


Make all modes and indicators brighter or dimmer. 

Extend your battery life significantly.

Enjoy subtle beauty and improved night vision with dimmer settings. 

Stand out in a bright environment with brighter settings.


Brightness Levels: 1-5


Level 3


Level 5 is brightest. Level 1 is dimmest. Page 3 and some other modes are already as bright as they can get and will not change at level 4 or 5.