4 quick clicks takes you to page 4 - “favorites” - your light will blink 4 times to indicate you're in p4.

  • By default, favorites has 1 mode (bold red) and autoplay.

  • You can save up to 60 modes in favorites.

Scroll down to find instructions on:

  • saving to favorites
  • favorites autoplay

"Favorites" is an advanced feature that requires you to understand the basic button presses of flowOS. 

You will need to know how to:

  • "Page click" to get to the favorites page

  • "Press" to select

  • "Long press" to adjust (optional)

  • "Hold to save"

  • “Hold to delete” (optional)

If you are not already familiar with these basic button presses, please refer to this button press guide.

Some of the videos below demo with a capsule 2.0. If you have vision clubs and other vision props, the 1-button UI navigation and light indicators are the same as the capsule:

saving to favorites

  • You can save any mode or adjusted mode (pattern) to Favorites. Simply "hold to save": hold the button and wait for the light to turn off, back on, then off and on again. This is to prevent accidental saving (especially if someone else is playing with your lights).
  • You can save up to 60 patterns in Favorites
  • Modes can be saved to favorites in “adjust” and will retain the adjust position. So if you save "bold" in adjust when it is green, it will start at green in favorites, and continue adjusting. This can be very useful for shows. Or if you simply like fire mode in adjust where its color is always changing, you can save it that way and not have to enter adjust every time.

Note: “Hold to save" and “hold to delete” functions are fairly long to prevent accidental saves or deletes. Probably the second most used function is "hold-to-off” and it’s nice to be able to turn off your prop without having to watch/paying attention, to avoid accidental save. the current “hold to save” delay feels like the minimum cushion, maybe we could shorten it by 5-10%, but it would still feel similarly long, and by much more likely to hit accidentally.

favorites autoplay

  • The last "mode" in p4 is autoplay, which cycles through all your favorites modes, 5 seconds each by default.
  • With up to 60 favorites this might be mode 61! We recommend leaving the default “red” favorite in place as a landmark for this reason.
  • You can adjust the autoplay timing interval: hold to adjust: 1 blink = 0.25 sec, 2 blinks = 1 sec, 3 blinks = 5 sec, 4 blinks = 15 sec, 5 blinks = 30 sec.
  • Favorites autoplay cannot be saved to favorites, but show pages can, including their adjusted interval timing!
  • Even if one of your lights has fewer favorites than the others in a group, all group members will go into autoplay when the controlling light gets to autoplay
  • They still play their local favorite lists, which may differ from each other. This also means they will all delete as a group, if you “hold to delete”.