We released flowOS 2.0 on 11.11.2019 :: this new firmware version for capsule & vision props has significant changes to "grouping":

  • new quick-group feature that enables you to quickly group any flowOS connect props
  • new grouping paradigm with closed/open groups 
  • click here to update your firmware --> props with different firmware versions may not connect!

How to quick-group

  • from off: Hold for ~10 sec. until lights flash or turn solid white. Let go. THAT’S IT!

  • this creates a unique group with any other flowtoys connect light in quick-group mode.

  • there is no limit to how many can join the group :)

  • this is what you should see: 

    • battery level indicator → most recent mode (keep holding!) → flashing white/solid white (you can let go when it turns white)

  • if you want to add more lights to the group later, you can create a new quick-group with all the lights, or see “advanced grouping” to broadcast the group ID and connect more lights.

  • quick group indicators:

fast flashing white = connecting, trying to connect to existing group.

solid or slow flashing white = grouped, inviting others to connect. 

> Click here for Advanced Grouping instructions