These instructions apply to capsule 2.0 lights & vision props:

Auto-sleep and auto-wake are powerful features in flowOS that enable your props to dim or go to sleep when not in use to save battery life, and automagically wake up when you want to play with them. Check out the video below to see how to set your auto-sleep/ auto-wake settings.

Adjusting your auto-sleep/ auto-wake is an advanced feature that requires you to understand the basic button presses of flowOS. You will need to know how to:

  • "Page click" to get to the settings page
  • "Press" to navigate and select settings
  • "Long press" to adjust your setting
  • "Hold to save"

If you are not already familiar with these button presses, please refer to this button press guide.

Make sure your firmware is up to date! We’ve made significant changes, improvements and bug fixes for most radio issues for capsule 2.0 & vision props. All your vision and capsule 2.0 props need to have the same firmware version to connect to each other, have the same modes, brightness and run-time, so make sure to update the firmware on all your props!

Page 5 Mode 5 :: auto-sleep/wake


Your prop can automatically go to sleep when not in use/moving, and can also wake up automagically on movement.


level 1 (default): feature disabled

use: direct control of on/off

level 2: dim > 10 sec, sleep> 15 minutes 

use: save battery, forget/don't bother to turn off

level 3: dim> 10 sec, sleep> 30 sec + auto-wake 

use: only on during use//home user + performance

level 4: dim> 10 sec, sleep> 60 minutes + auto-wake 

Use: prop still visible when not in use, social user, performance

level 5: dim> 60 minutes, sleep> 120 minutes + auto-wake                

use: spontaneous use for mood-lighting does not drain battery completely

Indicator/ Default

blue blinks/ level 1

Notes on auto-wake:

  • auto-wake responds very quickly for the first hour, checking for motion 10x/sec., after that it only checks once every 2 sec. to conserve long-term battery life and may take 4-6 sec. of movement to wake

  • auto-sleep/wake does not add any battery drain, even when off, but does save lots of battery life!