We hope you've been having a great time with your flowtoys! If you're having trouble with the flowtoys app we've included a list of troubleshooting tips for you below. 

If you check the tips and the issue persists/is repeatable, please report it through the feedback link in the app, so we get your full app/OS/device details and can work on it. Let us know what happened as specifically as you can. 

If you are running into an issue that is not listed below AND is persistent/repeatable, please report it through the app feedback link, so we can look into it :) 

Potential issues & fixes

My props are not connecting to the app:

My props were/are connected, but not responding to app commands:

  • Check your connection/super-group settings by clicking the pod-shaped icon in the top right hand corner
    • for example: select super-group A, select each group you want to control.



My props keep changing modes when connected to the app:

  • Check your autoplay settings (top right, under the pod-shaped icon) - they are meant to stay active between app pages and when your device is locked.


My prop button does not work or does weird modes when connected to the app:

  • Check the “prop settings” page in the app:
    • One checkbox makes the prop button navigate the modes in the app, instead of on the prop, so you can control your lists directly from the prop
    • One checkbox disables the prop button, so it does not accidentally interrupt a playlist or show


Lists and/or shows are not loading:

  • Lists and shows currently require internet/cloud access. Check your internet connection :)
  • Swipe down to refresh - you may need to do it twice
  • Make sure you’re logged in to the account the list/shows are in
  • Restart the app



My favorites do not show up in the favorites page in the app:

  • The app favorites page is meant to control the favorites stored locally in each of your props. 
    • The app does not know what modes you have saved in your props, and you could have a different mode in every connected prop/group in the same favorites mode-slot. This can be useful for coordinated looks/themes/shows.
  • Your prop can store a maximum of 60 favorites. You can set the number of favorite modes the app controls to be less than 60 if you prefer. 
    • In this case, the favorites auto-play will only cycle through those specific modes.


There is a delay in some/all props when changing modes, autoplay, running a show:  

The latency should be super low except when:

  • The prop firmware out of date (must be 2.9 or later and you can update it here)
  • Radio interference/range limit between device, bridge and props. Keep the props close to the bridge, local RF conditions can make a huge difference, especially when audience full of devices is present.
  • More than 5 groups are connected. This can cause slight delays (combine props into fewer groups if needed)



App frozen, grey or black screen:

  • Restart the app - this almost always fixes it