These instructions apply to both capsule 2.0 and vision core lights.

flowOS 2.0 was released on 11.11.2019. This new firmware version and its updates have several significant changes to "grouping", including:

  • new quick-group feature that enables you to quickly group any flowtoys connect props
  • new grouping paradigm with closed/open groups 
  • click here to update your firmware --> props with different firmware versions may not connect

--> If you are looking to "quick group" your props, please click here for quick group instructions.

P5 Mode 1 :: advanced grouping overview


  • Use "open groups" for temporary connection between props/ groups of props.
  • Add/edit lights to "closed group".


  • White = “closed” group, also created by "quick group" → requires connection procedure.

  • Flashing red = no group. 
    If you stop in red, the lights will stop responding as a group.
    If you turn off and wait 1 minute, or adjust each light back to white, they will return to their previous closed group. 
    Save red to delete your grouping and turn off your radio completely

  • orange, green, aqua, blue, pink = “open” groups. Simply select the color to be in the group, no connection procedure needed. 


  • Group color/ flashing red

--> Click here for detailed instructions on advanced grouping, including how to add/remove members in a closed groups and how to use open groups.