We released flowOS 2.0 on 11.11.2019. This new firmware version has several significant changes to "grouping", including:

  • new quick-group feature that enables you to quickly group any flowtoys connect props
  • new grouping paradigm with closed/open groups 
  • click here to update your firmware --> props with different firmware versions may not connect

--> If you are looking to "quick group" your props, please click here for quick group instructions.

P5 Mode 1 :: advanced grouping overview


  • Use "open groups" for temporary connection between props/ groups of props.
  • Add/edit lights to "closed group".


  • White = “closed” group, also created by "quick group" → requires connection procedure.

  • Flashing red = no group (saves automatically, do not stop in red unless you want to delete your grouping!)

  • orange, green, aqua, blue, pink = “open” groups. Simply select the color to be in the group, no connection procedure needed. 


  • Group color/ flashing red

--> Click here for detailed instructions on advanced grouping, including how to add/remove members in a closed groups and how to use open groups.