We released flowOS 2.0 on 11.11.2019 :: this new firmware version for capsule and vision props has significant changes to "grouping":

  • new quick-group feature that enables you to quickly group any flowtoys connect props
  • new grouping paradigm with closed/open groups 
  • click here to update your firmware --> props with different firmware versions may not connect

NEW quick-group connection

  • from off: Hold for ~10 sec. until flashing/solid white. Let go. THAT’S IT! 

  • this creates a unique group with any other flowtoys connect light in quick-group mode, there is no limit to how many can join the group.

  • this is what you should see: 

    • battery level indicator → most recent mode (keep holding!) → flashing white/solid white (you can let go when it turns white)

  • if you want to add more lights to the group later, you can create a new quick-group with all the lights, or see “advanced grouping” to broadcast the group ID and connect more lights.

  • quick group indicators: FYI

fast flashing white = connecting, trying to connect to existing group.

solid or slow flashing white = grouped, inviting others to connect. 

NEW advanced grouping (P5M1) 

→ significant paradigm shift from previous grouping paradigm!

  • red = no group.

  • orange, green, aqua, blue, pink = “open” groups. Simply select the color to be in the group, no connection procedure needed. 

    • ALL lights in an open group color will be grouped, including other people’s that were not intentionally connected. 

    • To avoid accidental control by other users in range (like getting turned on while in your bag, or having your grouping or settings accidentally edited), these groups cannot be saved. Open groups are intended for temporarily connecting multiple groups/lights together.     

  • White = “closed” group (also created by quick-group) → requires connection procedure.

If you want to add more lights to the group, you can create a new quick-group with all the lights, OR add individual lights to the existing group as follows:

Connecting procedure for closed (white) group: 

  • set one light from the existing group to “inviting” mode: 

    • navigate to P5M1

    • adjust to white

    • “double adjust” (hold-to-adjust twice while white) 

    • light should now be flashing white.

  • you can use quick-group to join the inviting group, OR adjust to white and select (if already white, enter adjust, and select, no need to cycle through all colors)

  • when you are done connecting other lights to the group, press the button on the inviting light once to leave broadcast mode.

  • if your light is already in a white group and you want to create a new group with that light, go to quick-group.


  • Grouped lights adjust and connect as group (including joining/changing private white group)

  • If there is another group “inviting” within radio range, you will see a red/white flashing “grouping conflict” indicator. Simply try again. You may need to wait a bit for whoever may be creating the grouping conflict to finish their process.

  • In order to change/disconnect some lights from an existing group, you can quick-group them, OR adjust your group to red (no group) OR solo-on only the lights you want to change.

  • After grouping and in some solo-on and auto-wake scenarios, you may need to press the button twice, or once on each light, to get them to respond to the group.

  • When updating firmware, grouping from previous firmware will NOT be retained.

  • Grouping may not work between different firmware versions. Make sure all your lights have the same firmware version, (or most recent version if different lights, eg. capsule and club)

Archived pre-2019 November instructions:

Grouping is an advanced feature that requires you to understand the basic button presses of flowOS. You will need to know how to:

  • "Page click" to get to the settings page
  • "Long press" to adjust
  • "Press" to select
  • "Hold to save"

If you are not already familiar with these button presses, please refer to this button press guide.

The brief video below shows how to connect 2 capsule lights - if you have vision props, the navigation is the same :) 

Not ready to fully commit? You can temporarily join a group ... just for the night :) 

Or you can take the leap and commit. We're going to have too much fun with these metaphors.

Page 5 Mode 1 :: Grouping


Connect flowtoys into groups, see what group you’re in


Group color: Red, Orange, Green, Aqua, Blue, Pink

Adjust indicator

Group color


Red = no group

These are general instructions - for mode detailed instructions on grouping, please click here for the the dedicated section on grouping